Overcoming The Obstacles Creditors Face

Attorneys Russell R. Johnson III, John M. Craig and Lindsay K. Biggs have spent a majority of their careers representing utilities and other types of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Each attorney in the firm has over 20 years of legal experience.

Based on his 27-year reputation for skills and success in various U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, Russell R. Johnson III routinely speaks at national conferences each year.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Evening The Odds For Creditors

Just as those filing bankruptcy need legal representation, creditors on the opposing side need equally aggressive advocacy. The Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC, has provided creditors with that protection. Based in Virginia, the law office provides the service you would expect from a larger firm, but at more reasonable rates.

Quality is key. Over the years, the legal team’s focus and attention to detail have led to key victories in high-profile cases. The attorneys of the firm are as follows:

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To contact the firm about representing you in a bankruptcy case, please call 804-620-7133 or email the Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC.