FirstEnergy Companies

Russ Johnson and his firm have represented the FirstEnergy companies for more than two decades in various bankruptcy matters. It is helpful to receive the notifications we receive from the Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC regarding distressed companies and/or recent bankruptcy filings.

We always receive prompt, courteous advice when inquiring about various bankruptcy issues. We always feel we can ask questions and get professional, courteous responses in the best, possible fashion. Russ and his team are professional, respond quickly, and are highly knowledgeable about the bankruptcy process.

Kathy M. Hofacre, FirstEnergy Service Company

Public Service Electric and Gas Company

Russ Johnson is a skilled, effective and cost-conscious bankruptcy practitioner who has represented Public Service Electric and Gas Company for over twenty-five years, expertly handling objections to Section 366 utility motions and defending preference claims filed against the company. His thoroughness, responsiveness and constant communication along with his attention to early case resolution make him an invaluable resource to this Fortune 500 utility company.

Suzanne M. Klar, Esq., Associate General Litigation Counsel, PSEG Services Corporation

Eversource Energy

Russ Johnson and his team are absolutely plugged in, and remarkably suited, to issues impacting public utilities in national bankruptcy cases. Though Eversource Energy’s six public utilities are located in New England, we must respond to bankruptcy cases all over the country. Russ and his firm stay informed and are able to turn on a dime to respond accurately when time is of the essence. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, this firm is the most cost effective outside counsel we use. They are able to keep an overload of detailed information straight, and to keep the national law firms representing mega-case debtors from taking advantage of utilities, on a cost-effective basis. I have expanded the use of Russ’s team to matters that we previously handled in house because they have proven to be cost efficient in performing those legal duties as well. This firm may change your mind if you think it is not cost effective to pursue commercial accounts in bankruptcy cases.

Honor S. Heath, Esq., Eversource Energy Legal Department