Bankruptcy Cases


In re Empire Towers Corporation (Case No. 10-34611) (Maryland)

In re re Joe’s Friendly Service & Son, Inc. d/b/a Thatched Cottage at the Bay, et al. (Case No. 14-70001) (New York)

In re Land LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc., et al. (Case No. 08-35994)(Virginia)

In re MS Grand, Inc., et al. (Case No. 11-10200)(Virginia)

In re Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp., et al. (Case No. 3:09-bk-07047) (Florida)


Abitibibowater, Inc. (Delaware)

AES Eastern Energy, L.P. (Delaware)

AFA Investment, Inc. (Delaware)

AGT Wind Down Acquisition, LLC (New York)

Appalachian Fuels, LLC (Kentucky)

AppleILLINOIS, LLC (Kentucky)

ATA Airlines, Inc. (Indiana)

Barcalounger Corporation (Delaware)

Capitol Infrastructure, LLC (Delaware)

Capsule International Holdings LLC f/k/a Constar International Holdings, Inc. (Delaware)

Caritas Health Care, Inc. (New York)

Carl’s Patio, Inc. (Delaware)

Castle Cheese, Inc. (Pennsylvania)

CCI of West Palm, Inc. (Florida)

Chopper Express Inc. (New Jersey)

Circuit City Stores, Inc. (Virginia)

ClearEdge Power, Inc. (California)

Coldwater Creek Inc. (Delaware)

Collins & Aikman Corporation (Michigan)

Consolidated Bedding, Inc. (Delaware)

Crafts Retail Holding Corp. (New York)

Damon’s International, Inc. (Pennsylvania)

D.C. Development, LLC (Maryland)

Deb Stores Holding LLC (Delaware)

Delta Mills, Inc. (Delaware)

DesignLine Corporation (North Carolina)

Digital Domain Media Group, Inc. (Delaware)

Diversapack of Monroe LLC (Delaware)

DOTS, LLC (New Jersey)

Drug Fair Group, Inc. (Delaware)

DSI Holding, Inc. (Delaware)

Duke and King Acquisition Corp. (Minnesota)

Eastman Kodak Company (New York)

Empire Die Casting Co., Inc. (Ohio)

Evergreen Solar, Inc. (Delaware)

Exide Technologies (Delaware)

Fairmont General Hospital, Inc. (West Virginia)

Fresh & Easy, LLC (Delaware)

Furniture Brands International, Inc. (Delaware)

Galey & Lord Industries, Inc. (Georgia)

Genmar Michigan, LLC (Minnesota)

Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc. (New York)

Grede Foundries, Inc. (Wisconsin)

GT Advanced Technologies, Inc. (New Hampshire)

Hampton Capital Partners, LLC (North Carolina)

HH Liquidating Corp., f/k/a Horsehead Industries, Inc. (New York)

HMX Acquisition Corp. (New York)

Holt Sublimation Holdings, LLC (North Carolina)

Indalex Holdings Finance, Inc. (Delaware)

Interstate Bakeries Corporation (Missouri)

James River Coal Company (Virginia)

Jennifer Convertibles, Inc. (New York)

Jevic Holding Corp. (Delaware)

Laurel Hill Paper Company (North Carolina)

Lee Steel Corporation (Michigan)

Linens Holding Co. (Delaware)

LGI Energy Solutions, Inc. (Minnesota)

Loehmann’s Holdings, Inc. (New York)

Max & Erma’s Restaurant, Inc. (Pennsylvania)

Michigan Biodiesel, LLC (Michigan)

North Carolina Power Holdings, LLC (North Carolina)

Outboard Marine Corporation (Illinois)

Plastech Engineered Products, Inc. (Michigan)

Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (Delaware)

Prospect Foundry, Inc. (Missouri)

Qimonda Richmond, LLC (Delaware)

RadioShack Corporation (Delaware)

Revstone Industries, LLC / Greenwood Forgings, LLC (Delaware)

Roomstore, Inc. (Virginia)

Semcrude, L.P. (Delaware)


Signature Aluminum, Inc. (Delaware)

The Brown Publishing Company (New York)

The Standard Register Company (Delaware)

Trinity Coal Corporation (Kentucky)

Tri-Valley Corporation (Delaware)

Union Stamping and Assembly, Inc. (West Virginia)

Universal Logistics Group, Inc. (New Jersey)

University General Health System, Inc. (Texas)

VEC Liquidating Corporation f/k/a Velocity Express Corporation (Delaware)

Wadley Regional Medical Center (Texas)

WL Homes, LLC (Delaware)

WP Steel Venture LLC / RG Steel Wheeling, LLC (Delaware)

WW Liquidation, Inc. (Connecticut)