Protecting The Business Interests Of Utilities

Having a client base of 80 utility operating companies across the country translates into creditor representation in almost every state. At the Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC, we know firsthand the unique challenges that these companies face regardless of where they are located.

Virginia Attorneys Providing Nationwide Protection Of Utilities’ Creditor Rights

We provide sound legal counsel to ensure that utility companies’ rights are protected in the bankruptcy process. In addition, we routinely defend utilities that are sued by debtors seeking to recover payments the debtors allege were preferential or fraudulent conveyances.

Equally as important, we counsel them on avoiding the mistakes creditors commonly make during the bankruptcy process.

Few law firms can match our experience in representing utility companies in bankruptcy court in the United States. With experience, knowledge and unique industry insight, we will employ all of our firm’s resources to protect the business interests of our clients.

Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Bankruptcy Filings

We want our clients to know that bankruptcy laws can work in their favor. Help starts with a telephone call or email to a lawyer at our law office. Call the Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC, at 804-620-7133 or email us.